: Experience

One-size does not fit all when it comes to investing.

It’s one reason we maintain our own Research Department and proprietary research analysis models. This allows us to offer a variety of investment strategies that precisely match your needs. Our experienced portfolio research team works diligently with our financial advisors to help you pursue your investment goals.

: Proprietary Research

When you see past the surface, you can uncover opportunities where others aren’t even looking yet.

JK Investment Group’s Research Department is responsible for the development of Behavioral Valuation, a quantified method for evaluation that scores more than 5,000 individual stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The approach represents years of work and experience in combining technical and fundamental analysis with the lesser-known Sentiment analysis.

In short, the goal of our methodology is to uncover accelerating sectors and stocks that have yet to attract too many investors. The benefit of this approach is that our Research Department can often find undiscovered stocks before the crowd on Wall Street does, making it available exclusively to our clients at JK Investment Group.

JK Investment Group’s Director of Research has been extensively interviewed and quoted by media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal and others regarding the Behavioral Valuation approach.

: Direct Access

While discovering investment opportunities is exciting, we understand that rigorous analysis is integral to the health of your portfolio.

Our advisors are in constant communication with the firm’s Research Department, helping them keep abreast of the market’s movements and their implication for our portfolios. The two-way communication between departments means that our advisors are also in a great position to provide feedback to the Research Department regarding client’s concerns, interests and questions.

JK Investment Group’s founder and Director of Research have worked together nearly 20 years and have learned that this communication and transparency are integral to ensuring that our investment policies focus on achieving our clients’ goals.

Learn how direct access to our valuable research can impact your portfolio.