Protect yourself, your loved ones, your home or your business against unexpected events.

Closing the gap on potential risks requires the kind of comprehensive plans that we offer at JK Investment Group. As independent agents, our solutions are not tied to a specific company or product, giving us the ability to provide unbiased recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you plan beyond a lifetime, ensuring your beneficiaries and heirs are not burdened with an undue estate tax liability. Our strategies can offer debt protection, legacy planning, income replacement and more. After a careful analysis of your affairs and objectives, we can help you obtain the coverage that meets your needs, and, more importantly, the needs of your loved ones.

Disability Insurance

For many of us, the ability to work and generate income is our most valuable asset. Protecting it is essential to achieving your financial goals today and in the years ahead. Disability insurance helps guard your income and lifestyle from unexpected interruptions. Adequate disability coverage can ease the burden of lost income or wages while you recover from an accident or illness. It can also help prevent the depletion of savings or assets to pay for living expenses.

Long Term Care Insurance

A Long Term Care event is the single greatest cause of financial catastrophe in retirement. Long term care insurance can help manage health care costs, ensuring your medical needs are always covered . It allows you to preserve independence and dignity while protecting your family’s financial future and your legacy.

We can tell you if your family and financial security are at risk. Contact us to today to review your insurance questions.