Charitable planning is often the most under-examined portion of your financial portfolio, but its benefits go beyond impacting the things that matter most to you.

No comprehensive financial plan is complete without covering all your financial objectives, including philanthropy. Making sure our clients are supporting causes they are passionate about is the difference between legacy planning and mere portfolio management.

Setting up a donor-advised fund can help you meet your charitable and financial goals in a smarter way while harnessing all possible advantages for the donor: minimize taxes, increase income, diversify investments, and other factors. We work with you and your charitable interests to craft a strategy that takes full advantage of your charitable donations.

Whether you have a charity you support currently or need help deciding, your donation can grow based on how you would like it invested. Applying our expertise with the goal of driving higher returns from every donation means your donor-advised fund can potentially have even more money for charities.

There are many opportunities to financially benefit from charitable donations. And don’t think that cash is your only option to donate—various assets can be given to charity while realizing the same benefits. Speak with our advisors and learn how our strategies can help you meet your personal charitable giving goals.