The Four Pillars

We understand the importance of accomplishing your objectives today while safeguarding a financial future for you and the people you value most.

All of our strategies are designed specifically for you to work towards meeting your unique goals.

I. Comprehensive

Our advisors are committed to the pursing the goals you have today. As importantly, we can foresee needs you may not even be aware of. The goal of our all-encompassing experience in wealth management, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, insurance and advising on corporate plans is to ensure you’re protected today and beyond a lifetime.

II. Research-Driven

We structure portfolios to attempt to meet long-term objectives as well as seize short-term opportunities. Our research methodology is inclusive, but the core is what we call behavioral valuation. By analyzing investor sentiment, we derive a predictive model that strives to paint a behavioral picture of how a stock should behave. Often, this means we’re targeting undervalued stocks with untapped growth potential that investors are not able to discover on their own.

III. Personalized

Your priority is our priority. That’s why there is no standard plan at JK Investment Group, and our personalized strategies focus on your specific goals. We capitalize on market movement to work towards your unique investment objective: preservation of capital, income generation, growth, or a combination.

IV. Responsive

Every action we take is with your unique objective in mind. Our investment strategies are backed by extensive, unbiased research, ensuring we are responsive to changing markets without being reactive. Responsive also means that we are accessible and available to answer your questions or review your goals at any time.